Eric Lefkofsky Uses His Disruptive Techniques For Entrepreneurial Success

As CEO of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky provides sound leadership for the technology company that is focused on offering physicians data-driven insights for personalized cancer care by compiling a massive genomic database. Tempus furnishes a way for physicians to use Big Data furnished by leading hospitals to find patterns that match their patient’s own genetic profile, and then discover what treatments were the most effective. Initially focusing on lung, breast and pancreatic cancers, Tempus will add genomic sequencing services for added cancers in the future.


After co-founding Tempus with college friend and business partner Brad Keywell, Lefkofsky firmly established himself as a serial entrepreneur. The two also founded Lightbank, a firm that makes venture capital investments in technology companies across the country. Lefkofsky, who is investing his own money, takes a personal interest in startups, providing guidance, including digital marketing advice and talent acquisition.


While he does not have a background in medicine, Eric Lefkofsky is familiar with Big Data and Accelerated Disruption, which is also the title of his book. In Accelerated Disruption, Lefkofsky explains how disruptive businesses utilize the power of technology to be the first to fix a pain point in an industry. It is the same method that he uses as a successful Chicago entrepreneur to gain a competitive advantage. Several former CEOs of major corporations and a former Chief of Staff to President George H.W. Bush highly recommend the methods that Lefkofsky advocates.


Active in his community, Lefkofsky serves as a Trustee of the Industry and World Business Chicago, the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and The Art Institute of Chicago, in addition to serving as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Few people know that Lefkofsky is also actively working to enhance Chicago’s economic growth by supporting entrepreneurs as Co-Chairmen of Chicago Ideas Week.


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