Goettl Air Conditioning Do Good Deed For Family In Need

Abana Stephenson was a mother of two who was living in a home with her two daughters and husband that had a broken air conditioning and heating unit. Adding to their woes was the fact that they also had a busted toilet. When the family did try and turn the air conditioning or heat on, their utility bills would end up costing almost $500 to $600 a month. Not being able to afford such a massive expense, the Stephenson family had no choice but to forego heating and cooling in the winter and summer.

News of the tough condition and the broken HVAC system of Abana Stephenson and her struggles reached Goettl. This is an air conditioning company that is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Goettl manager, Michael Gamst decided to give Abana a holiday gift. He and his employees donated their own time and money to install a brand new air conditioning system and heating unit for the family. Goettl also worked with the Sunny Plumber to replace the old, busted toilet with a brand new one that the family can now use.

The new HVAC system that Goettl has installed would be much more energy efficient than the previous one they had had. It would cost almost 50% less to run, saving the family hundreds of dollars every month on utility bills. In response to the generosity of Goettl, Abana Stephenson said that these actions make her have faith in the goodness of people again.

Las Vegas, Nevada based Goettl is now proud to offer zone heating and cooling to customers. This allows a person to individually turn the heat on and off in each room of his home. Such an approach can save a home significant sums of money by individually heating and cooling each room, instead of heating the entire home.


The Business Strategy of Eric Pulier

It is very difficult to become a success in the technology industry. This is especially true if you try to create tech startups that catch on with the general public. This is because it is often tough to predict what the public will be interested in. However, Eric Pulier is a man who has solved this riddle in a big way. He has constantly found great success where many others have failed. He has repeatedly churned out stellar startups that have gone on to become smashing successes. His track record is unmatched in the world of startups.

Educated at Harvard, Eric received a bachelor’s degree in English literature with the intent of teaching that subject. However, he went on to have a career that is much different than anything in the academic world. He found that he loved the excitement generated by creating a new startup. He liked the process of assembling a team, coming up with a great business idea, building a site and eventually launching it to the public. Pulier has also said that he enjoys working with other people on a regular basis. This is something that he would not be able to do if he were working in a solitary profession like teaching English literature.

Eric has said on many occasions that the hardest thing about creating a successful startup is getting the public to know it exists. Therefore, he believes that marketing is one of the most crucial elements to launching a successful startup. You need to be able to get the word out to the startup’s target demographic. This means that you need to be aware of where these people spend their time online. This will allow you to place ads that they have a good chance of seeing and responding to.

Pulier also has said that you need to put together a good technical team if your startup is going to have any hope of having a successful launch. This means that you will need to find a skilled website designer with a great deal of experience. This will ensure your site has no glitches.

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ClassDojo – Making Parent-Teacher Communication Easier

For years, many parents have wished to know more about how their children are doing in class. More often than not, parent-teacher meetings tend to only happen a handful of times a year—or if there is something that needs discussing. So what to do if you wish to know how your child really is doing in class, before a parent-teacher meeting? There’s a simple solution—ClassDojo.


ClassDojo is a relatively popular app that aims to connect teachers and parents in ways that, before, were not possible. The app allows teachers to communicate with parents through announcements, photos, or videos—as well as allowing teachers to communicate privately with one individual parent if there is something of importance that needs to be discussed, using the easy communication platform integrated into the app based on businessinsider.com.


Teachers and parents aren’t the only ones benefiting from the popular app. The app is creating a community of sorts for students, as well—students can post pictures of their accomplishments, or even post photos of assemblies and the like for their parents to see—showing up in a news feed of sorts. Additionally, the service allows students to receive “+1’s”—somehting to encourage good work.  Click on Amazon.com.


In the early days of Classdojo, the project was primarily used to promote good traits and habits among students. The creators of the program, however, realized shortly after just how much of a positive impact it could have on parents as well, leading to what Classdojo is today—a tool for everyone.

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McQuagge Takes The Gold Providing Profitable, Competitive Insurance Products

With CEO Troy McQuagge at the helm, USHEALTH Group Inc. is sure to experience success the company has never seen before. Troy McQuagge has a background of success that will certainly have a positive effect on the health organization.success is earmarked by One Planet Awards, which honored him with as Gold Winner and CEO of the year. This is a high-status award given to those that exemplify business excellence. One Planet Awards are well respected and admired. McQuagge takes great pride in being a new recipient and has stated that he feels the award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH.

For him, the award is evidence that the healthcare group is committed to providing the most innovative and affordable solutions. The One Planet Awards honors top performance in many different business categories including marketing, PR, new products & services, corporate communications, and corporations as a whole. McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group back in 2010. He was promoted to CEO in 2014 for successfully rebuilding the USHEALTH Advisors, the distribution agency of the healthcare company. USHEALTH Group is a Fort Worth, TX insurance holding company that focuses on small business owners and self-employed individuals. The goal is to use the highly refined skills of the executives and employees to offer the most competitive insurance products. Customer service is one of the most important aspects that contributes to the success of USHEALTH.

McQuagge is the leader behind USHEALTH’s achievement of several consecutive years of fiscal growth. Under his directive, USHEALTH has experienced a 500% growth since 2010. Initially, he was the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors. The subsidiary experienced such massive growth, it resulted in McQuagge’s promotion to CEO and Chairman. There may not be much in the insurance world that McQuagge has not encountered with more than 30 years of experience that began in 1983 at Allstate Insurance.

His experience also includes the feat of building the two largest sales organizations for insurance in the United States. He is the owner of an agency platform that he introduced to the company which has allowed the company to achieve its impressive growth objectives. McQuagge has announced a nationwide month of HOPE. This philanthropic effort helps give homes to wounded veterans by working with the Homes for Warriors Program.

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Arthur Becker and His Latest Leadership Role

Arthur Becker is the new CEO and Chairman of Zinio, LLC, the largest digital purveyor of digital magazines in the world. Before Zinio, Becker was CEO of IDG and Primedia, two of the biggest NY Magazine publishing companies worldwide.

He previously served at NaviSite, a technology company that provided NASD quotes and application services in the United States and The United Kingdom. He was also affiliated in the past as senior advisor to the Vera Wang Fashion for seven years.

Zinio is the largest producer in the world of digital magazine distribution capabilities, and they have just recently launched their new app, ZINO PRO which allows publishers to established native, branded applications for every viewing platform possible. These apps can be sent to Zinio’s ever-growing network of partners in the digital distribution world.

Zinio has been at the top of the digital publishing realm for the past ten years, and with the advent of ZINIO PRO, that position appears to be in no danger. The recent addition of Kelly Conlin as company president is another positive positioner for ZINIO because of Conlin’s expertise in the industry. The Former CEO of NameMedia brings additional skills and marketing savvy to the table.

Plaudits and kudos have been raining down on ZINIO for the past several years as it has become the reigning platform for all reading of digital magazines and other products on any device that is known to man, at any place and time. You name it, whether it is Ios, Kindle, Android, Windows, or any other well-known and available platform, Zinio can handle it. Now available in over 200 countries and 30 languages, the digital behemoth is going strong around the world.

The ZINIO PRO app converts contend that is in print, such as PDF to an XML text format with ZIMIO’s proprietary Saas platform. This will provide even more content in a speedier form to all of the publishers and customers at a rapid rate in coming years.

With the current delivery of over 500 million digital editions, over 6,000 titles, to over 10 million customers, it is hard to imagine any further growth, but the new app will appreciably increase the delivery volume. This information was originally mentioned on Crunch base.


Davos Real Estate Group and its Contributions in the Real Estate Market

Davos Real Estate Group launched a new tool that will help potential investors to access information that will enable them to come up with important decisions regarding any potential real estate investment that they wish to venture in. This is according to an article published by templeofthecave.com. The real estate market has become imperative today, and it can get confusing sometimes. Even people with professional backgrounds in real estate often find out that there is a lot more that they need to learn. It is for this particular reason that the Davos Real Estate Group decided to launch a new mobile application.


The new tool aims to provide comprehensive financial advice and assistance to people who wish to invest in real estate just like the other tools offered by Davos Real Estate Group. Clients will be able to bring this new tool with them when shopping around for properties. The tool will provide all the data about a particular property after putting in small data bits. The new mobile application will help people to determine the amount of capital return that they are likely to get from a particular real estate property. This new tool will be of great help to potential investors. It will assist in ensuring that no losses are incurred once a person purchases a property.


David Osio works at the Davos Financial Group of Companies where he is both the founder and the CEO. David founded the company in 1993 and has been committed to offering financial advice to customers ever since. The Davos Financial Group has been able to grow and expand under the leadership of David Osio. It has registered massive profits. David has also founded some licensed and independent companies all over the world in cities such as Geneva, Miami, Panama, and New York City. David started his career in 1981 when he worked at OPED Enterprise as the CEO and President.


David Osio also worked at LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES where he held an executive position and was able to structure marketing programs for many different industrial products in the US. David Osio joined banking law in 1984 when he went to work for MGO, the Caracas Law Firm. David has extensive experience as a legal advisor and in the banking industry. David has been able to steer the Davos Group to become a household name when it comes to social responsibility and financial prowess. David attributed his success to commitment, hard work, and discipline.


For more on this, visit; http://www.officialdavidosio.co.ve/about-david-osio/


The Attractive Qualities Of Brazil’s New Five-Star Hospital, Copa Star

Copa Star Hospital is a luxurious health care facility in Brazil that provides elegant accommodation to patients. The hospital is under the ownership and operation of the D’Or Network, which also owns 22 other different facilities in the country. The Network hopes to change the old concept on Brazilians that receiving five-star treatment in a hospital is uncommon. Jorge Moll, a founding partner with the D’Or Network, believes that the recently launched five-star hospital will take a while for the people in Rio de Janeiro to conceptualize. The network has a target to expand their services and availability to other regions in Brazil, such as Sao Paulo.

The idea to of setting up a world class five star rated hospital sparked the minds of D’Or Networks after the world cup events. The hospital environment offers high-end hospitality, comfort, advanced technology, and resources. Copa Star ensures it maintains its standards through its staff by hiring highly qualified and talented individuals. Rio de Janeiro’s residents are slowly transferring to the new hospital due to the impeccable services offered and environment, which lack in the general hospital related sterility. The hospital is currently recording a higher number of celebrity patients who prefer it for its added privacy. Copa Star has an unusual structural architecture which protects the exit and entry of high profile individuals seeking to maintain a low profile while receiving treatment. The hospital has nonporous walls and joints which prevent harmful elements such as dust from penetrating into the rooms. Another competitive factor that Copa Star has is its cardiac and neurological treatment services which were previously only available in oversea countries for the Brazil people.

Copa Star has 59 Intensive Care Units which house various advanced technological communication devices which connect the patients to the outside world. The facility offers patients with MRI devices to cater to their diagnostic needs. Patients also receive extra care from smart operating rooms, robots, and highly decorated surgeons. The technologically inclined services on Terra also patients to contact the medical staff through an iPad downloaded application. The application aids the patient to control aspects of the room such as lighting, curtains, and temperature. The interactive platform of the mobile application on Terra.com allows patients to interact with physicians and have a real-time view of the ocean nearby, hence helping the patient to relax while recovering. Most patients report that the real time camera feed feels like an additional window, which brings the outside into the hospital. The new features introduced in the hospital beat the predecessors of the market such as Albert Einstein and Sirio Libanes. Copa Star administrative have stated that they plan to expand their facilities to provide the modernized and innovative health care services to more patients in other areas in Brazil.

David Osio and his Partners Avail a New Tool in the Real Estate Market

The real estate is among the most profitable ventures globally. Due to the intricate nature of real estate market, it is important for new investors to seek professional help before making any investment. Even experienced investors continue to learn new things, in this market, on a regular basis. Fortunately, David Osio has joined forces with his associates at the Davos Real Estate Group to introduce a tool that guides potential investors on making valuable investment decisions. With this innovative tool, investors can gain deep understanding of the arena of real estate in their process of identifying potential investments.


All-inclusive financial advice


The aim of this real estate tool is to provide all-inclusive financial advice for individuals who are planning to invest in real estate. Clients should install this tool on their mobile devices and use them when they are inspecting properties. They can key in few details, and the app will display detailed information about their property of interest. The tool helps individuals to establish the amount of returns they may get from a given property. It also allows clients to communicate with agents at Davos Financial Capital. They can share details of their property of interest and receive feedback from the agents through interactive chat.


David Osio’s facts


An authority in the financial service and philanthropy sectors, Mr. David Osio currently is the CEO of the Venezuela-based Davos Financial Group, a pool of independent companies that delivers professional asset management and revolutionary financial planning solutions. Davos Financial Group serves a handpicked group of clients. It has a reputation for being the first all-encompassing financial advisory corporation in Venezuela. Mr. Osio has managed the expansion efforts of the Davos Financial Group, through its different firms, to maintain regional service centers in Panama, Miami, New York City, and Geneva.


Career trajectory


Mr. Osio has a wealth of experience of working in the private banking sector of Miami. He was the executive VP of Miami-situated Banco Latino International. His duties ranged from defining market strategies, overseeing the operations of all corporate departments, and directing customer acquisitions. Mr. Osio’s commitment and efforts helped the company to realize substantial portfolio growth and strong global presence. After earning his LLB with honors in 1988, Mr. Osio joined the MGO law company in Caracas as the director, where he gained leadership experience. Mr. David Osio has expanded his academic arsenal by earning degrees from New York Financial Institute and IESA. https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-osio#/entity



The Responsibilities of Lawyers in the Brazilian Legal System

Brazil is one of the countries with most lawyers in Latin America, with each state harboring over 100,000 lawyers. In order to practice law in this country, one must acquire a five-year college degree followed by board certification. Lawyers play a huge role in the Brazilian judicial systems. Their duties include drafting court papers before court hearings and conducting oral arguments in courts on behalf of their clients. Lawyers also offer legal counsel to clients. Additionally, they are in charge of negotiating and drafting contracts on behalf of their customers. They review the contracts to ensure that their client’s interests are protected.

Lawyers are also mandated to carry out the intent of a deceased through the drafting of wills and trusts. This is conducted to ensure that the properties of the deceased are issued to the right individuals as dictated by the will. Brazilian lawyers also play a role in the conveyance, which includes drafting of documents required for transfer of properties.

Ricardo Tosto’s background and membership

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Tosto is one of the most trusted legal experts in the Brazilian judicial system. He is also a well-known entrepreneur and an expert in the development of legal strategies. Tosto studied law at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Later on, he majored in executive business administration at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Tosto is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association and the International Bar Association.

He formed Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Asociados in April 1991, and he has served as a senior partner since then. His law firm currently the largest in Brazil. Early in his career, he defended prominent individuals and big companies. Among the groups he defended were politicians, multinational groups, and governments. Tosto also advocated for various non-profit organizations and represented several pro-bono cases. Tosto mentors many individuals, including his staff members and upcoming lawyers. Tosto developed strategies in legal mechanisms, which have become essential tools in the Brazilian judicial systems. He still manages activities at his law firm and takes the lead in big cases. Tosto is a member of Center of the Studies of Law Firms and IMD Alumni Association.

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Securus Technologies Aids In The Comfort Of Loved One Passing

Securus Technologies, I cannot thank you enough. Because of your intervention at the perfect time, you have helped my nephew so much. We were all shocked at the passing of my dear sister. We were grappling with the idea of how it was to be presented to her only son who is in jail at the moment. We had no idea that he was already in touch with another family member who gave him the terrible news about his mom. While we were making a plan to tell him, in our own way, he was making a plan to injure himself. He was sharing all of his feelings of anger and betrayal with this other family member over the phone. He felt isolated from the family because he was in jail. We delayed out of shock and ignorance of how to break the news. He was suffering all by himself. And we never would have known it, had not Securus Technologies been in place. The conversation was overheard and my nephew was taken out of the general population for a while. He was in the midst of receiving counseling when he confessed that he felt suicidal. He was given medicine to help calm his nerves and he is doing much better now, thanks to Securus Technologies. I am grateful not only that the conversation was heard, but that action was taken on the behalf of my nephew right away. We certainly wouldn’t want any self-inflicted harm to come to him right now. Our family couldn’t take it. He was told in the worst way, under the worst circumstances. But thanks to Securus Technologies, the conversation was recorded and action was taken. My gratitude is overwhelming Securus Technologies. You have helped me and my family gets over a hurdle that could have taken us out.